The Warrior’s Sword

sword with blood

They didn’t ask me before handing the sword,

They named me their warrior-prince;

They showered me with praise and honour,

They’ve never seen me whimper and wince.

They are proud of my courage, they boast of my wins;

My sword is bathed in blood, will they share my sins?

Book – The Mystery Of Alexander’s Casket

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323 BC. With the death of Alexander, a power struggle broke out between the Diadochi (successors of Alexander). Disputes spouted for the vast empire and precious personal possessions of Alexander. Among several Alexander’s chattels, was an esoteric casket gifted to him by Kalanos -a mystic monk of Taxila. It was said that inside the casket, laid the secret of the ultimate power. But the casket could be only opened by the ‘chosen one’.

126 AD. Kanishka – the Kushan prince was commanded by Emperor Vima Khadapises to annex the kingdom of Avanti through a matrimonial alliance. Udyati, the princess of Avanti who had earned a reputation for her wit and grace had a severe aversion to belligerent Kushans. In his quest to win Udyati’s heart, Kanishka went through an adventurous, soul-searching exploration. He came across the sagacious Buddhist monk Asvaghosa and the mysterious casket of Alexander. Is he the ‘chosen one’? Read More